Take It To The Mat

A newsletter addressing the finer points of mathematics instruction

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Topic Level Date of Issue
Common Denominators IMiddleJanuary 2006
Comparing Fractions IMiddleOctober 2005
Comparing Fractions IIMiddleNovember 2005
Comparing Fractions IIIMiddleDecember 2005
Decimal Places in Division of DecimalsMiddleMay 15, 2000
Decimal Places in Multiplication of DecimalsMiddleFebruary 14, 2000
Methods of Comparing FractionsMiddleJanuary 16, 2001
Multiplying Whole and Mixed NumbersMiddleMarch 2006
Proportional Reasoning IMiddleJanuary 2005
Proportional Reasoning IIMiddleFebruary 2005
Proportional Reasoning IIIMiddleMarch 2005
Proportional Reasoning IVMiddleApril 2005
Ratio, Rate, and SlopeMiddleNovember 26, 2001