Take It To The Mat

A newsletter addressing the finer points of mathematics instruction

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Topic Level Date of Issue
Appropriate Use of Line GraphsHighMarch 27, 2000
Combinations and Combination FormulasHighMarch 26, 2001
Concept of Mean as a Balance PointHighFebruary 28, 2000
Creating and Interpreting BoxplotsHighOctober 2003
Creating and Interpreting Comparative Boxplots IHighNovember 2003
Creating and Interpreting Comparative Boxplots IIHighDecember 2003
Effect of Adding a Constant on Center and SpreadHighApril 2005
Effect of Outliers on CenterHighJanuary 2006
Fitting â..Eyeballâ. Lines to ScatterplotsHighJanuary 2004
Fitting Median-Median Lines to ScatterplotsHighMarch 2004
Interpreting Lines of FitHighFebruary 2004
Locating a Point and Weighted MeansHighNovember 2005
Logarithmic Transformations of DataHighDecember 10, 2001
Making Predictions with Lines of FitHighApril 2004
Meaning of Slope and Intercept in ModelsHighOctober 29, 2001
Normal Distribution ErrorsHighFebruary 25, 2002
Permutations and Permutation FormulasHighJanuary 16, 2001