Take It To The Mat

A newsletter addressing the finer points of mathematics instruction

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Topic Level Date of Issue
Creating and Interpreting Bar Graphs IElementaryJanuary 2004
Creating and Interpreting Bar Graphs IIElementaryFebruary 2004
Creating Circle GraphsElementaryApril 2003
Creating HistogramsElementaryApril/May 2004
Creating Line PlotsElementaryOctober 2003
Creating Picture GraphsElementaryFebruary 2003
Creating Stem-and-Leaf PlotsElementaryMarch 2004
Creating Tally Charts and Bar GraphsElementaryJanuary 2003
Examining Common Mistakes in Bar GraphsElementaryMarch 2003
Foundational ProbabilityElementaryApril 2004
Interpreting Bar and Circle GraphsElementaryMay 2003
Interpreting Line Plots and Creating PictographsElementaryNovember 2003
Interpreting Pictographs and Creating Frequency TablesElementaryDecember 2003
Line Graphs and Interpreting ThemElementaryApril 15, 2002
Modeling Subtraction IIElementaryApril 2005