Geometry Help & Lessons

These mini-lessons cover geometry lessons that would normally be found in a high school geometry class. The 30 lessons parallel the 30 video tapes in the geometry series.

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Angles Pythagorean Theorem: Applications
Angles; Parallel lines Special Right Triangles
Proofs: Vertical Angles Trigonometry
Proofs: Alternate Interior Angles Applications; Sin, Cos, Tan
Angle Theorems; Polygons Circle Theorems, Lines & Segments
Congruence Theorems, Triangles Circle Theorems, Angles
Proofs: Congruent Triangles Circle Theorems, Applications
Proofs: cpctc Area - Rectangles, Parallelograms
Ratio & Proportion Area - Triangles, Trapezoids
Similar Polygons Area - Circles
Applications; Similar Triangles Area - Irregular & Shaded Regions
Pythagorean Theorem Volume; Prisms & Pyramid