Algebra Lessons

These mini-algebra lessons cover concepts and skills normally taught in a first year algebra program. The lessons parallel the 33 video tapes in the algebra series and are great for students who may have missed an algebra class or need assistance on a particular concept or skill.

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Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Simplifying Rational Expressions; + -
Solving Linear Equations #1 Simplifying Rational Expressions; x /
Solving Linear Equations with Rational Coefficients Fractional Equations
Solving Equations with Absolute Value Equations with Radicals
Word Translations Graphing Linear Equations
Word Problems Graphing By Inspection
Word Problems - Uniform Motion Graphing Systems of Equations
Word Problems - Mixture Solving Systems of Equations
Polynomials; + - x Writing Equations of Lines
Factoring Word Problems - 2 variables
Factoring; Addition Method - Trial & Error Systems; Linear-Quadratic & Quadratic
Factoring; Trial & Error - Alternative Synthetic Substitution
Factoring, Combined Rational Root Theorem
Solving Quadratic Equations Solving Exponential Equations
Simplifying Radicals Logarithms
Completing the Square Solving Logarithmic Equations
Quadratic Formula Trigonometry
  Problem Solving with Trig Ratios