Grade 1
Numbers, Number Sense, and Computation


Identify, model, read, and write place value positions of 1's and 10's

Identify the value of a given digit in the 1's and 10's place.



Identify and model a whole.

Identify and model 1/2 as two equal parts of a whole or a set of objects.



Read, write, compare, and order numbers from 0 - 100.

Identify ordinal positions first to tenth.

Read and write number words to 10.

Create, compare, and describe sets of objects and numbers from 0 - 100 as greater than, less than, or equal to (>, <, =).


Use number patterns and models to count by 2's, 5's, and 10's to 100.


Identify and model basic addition facts ( sums to 10 ) and the corresponding subtraction facts.


Estimate the number of objects in a set to 10 and verify by counting.



Demonstrate the joining and separating of sets with 20 or fewer objects.

Model the meaning of addition and subtraction in a variety of ways including the comparison of sets using objects, pictorial representations and symbols.

Use mathematical vocabulary and symbols to describe addition, subtraction, and equality.